If You  Answer “YES”  To Any of The Following Questions You Need To Read This Book: 

  1. Are you contemplating marriage and want to be sure you are marrying the right person?

  2. Do you desire to know how to avoid the errors that lead to divorce?

  3. Are you searching for answers to fix your marriage?

  4. Do you desire to have a divorce-proof marriage?

Download the Relationship Kit: "Marriage It’s In Your Hands" ebook for $2.97 and Receive "The Are You Man Enough Challenge" mp3 for FREE. That is less than a cup of coffee.

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“Marriage It’s In Your Hands” Address How To…

  • Love, Respect, Experience Sexual Intimacy, and Romance each other
  • Affair and Divorce Proof Your Marriage
  • Effectively Communicate, Interact, and Co-Operate as a couple
  • Get rid of unhealthy habits and replace them with life sustaining habits
  • Discover the 8 main reasons couples divorce and avoid them
  • Discover what it means to be a Husband, not just a married man
  • Discover what it means to be a Wife, not just a married woman
  • Become a better spouse

You’ve read a ton of books on relationships and don’t need another one. You do however need a tool that discusses the marriage disaster, what you can do to avoid it, and how to reach personal restoration after relationship ruin. Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce, you do not have to be apart of this statistic. With this marriage tool kit, you can be a powerhouse on your job, live the life you’ve always wanted and have the marriage you’ve dreamed about. 

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Marriage its in your hands is a MUST READ!! This book is for men, women, singles as well as engaged and married couples. Anyone can literally get something out of this book. I like to consider it the “Personal Development book” because it truly covers practically every topic you could imagine.

Jennifer H.,

Written from a male perspective by a man who has experienced the irreparable pain of a divorce, MARRIAGE: It’s In Your Hands is a must read. Bobby L. Sneed, a recent divorcee, reflects on the mistakes he made during his marriage and aligns them with what God would require of a husband. He starts with the origin of marriage and man’s role regarding the family. What he says may be tough for some men to swallow but backed with scripture, he is able to portray what and how God designed the institution of marriage to be and what a blessing is it when those principles are adhered to.

Paula H.,

Understanding marriage is a key part to having a truly great one. “Marriage: It’s In Your Hands” delves into how to make marriage work for oneself, explaining the faith behind marriage and how to live your part of a marriage better for yourself, for your spouse, and for God. Spiritual and driven reading, “Marriage” is a top pick for anyone who truly wants to understand how faith ties into their own successful unions

James. C.,

Bobby L. Sneed has written a book that is so applicable for couples in today’s society, “Marriage: it’s in your hands,” as half of marriages end in divorce. Sneed shares his own opinions and experiences throughout this book making it more personable. Sneed speaks from experience saying that making a marriage work is really up to you. While I thought a lot of this book is speaking to the husband, it is a beneficial read for wives and soon to be wives as it is eye-opening and filled with useful information.          

Kay I.,

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About the Author: Bobby L. Sneed, Jr. is a certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator, relationship coach, author, and motivational speaker.  He is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, which he received in 2003 and an active member of The National Organization for Marriage, The American Association of Christian Counselors, and Association for Conflict Resolution. Mr. Sneed has a strong desire and passion to provide life, hope, and restoration to dying or dead marital/dating relationships. He believes in developing successful healthy relationships by developing healthy successful people. He believes everyone that reads his book will experience a transformation resulting in a new and improved life in their current or future relationships, as they grasp the concept that the success or failure of their relationships is truly in their hands.

If you are interested in booking Bobby for a speaking presentation you may contact him at mrbobbysneed@gmail.com Thank you and God bless!

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